Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brand Sense by Martin Lindstrom - 2 of 5

16. There are certain words which are owned by Disney and are recognized by people as being associated with the Disney Brand. These words are : Fantasy, Dreams, Magic, Smiles, Happy, Creativity. The personnel in Disneyland use these words. These words are built into the lyrics of Disney songs. And so on.

17. Colgate owned the smile but it has gone to Disney and Mcdonald’s.

18. One needs to create a difference in the mind.

19. We are too focused on the visual aspect of branding. We need to see how we can brand ‘sound’.

20. The James Bond movie theme song. In fact James Bond has branded so many things around it. The logo, ‘Bond, James Bond’, ‘Shaken not stirred’, the gadgets, the vintage scenes, the title introduction, character names, the gun, the topic, the filming and so on.

21. The Olympics today are no longer about the 4 rings but about the rituals surrounding the Olympics like the carrying and lighting of the flame, the opening ceremony and so on.

22. Strong emotions are generated by rituals. Brands need to create rituals around themselves.

23. Always over-deliver. Martin Lindstrom went to The Peninsula Hotel. It’s known for having your own type of music made available, through downloading, for you in your room. This time when he went he was told that for some reason this perk would not be there. He felt disappointed. But he was asked what music he liked. He mentioned Eminem, Beatles etc. To his surprise he had hardly settled down in his room when there was a hotel room boy with the CDs of Eminem, the Beatles and so on. Martin has mentioned this story to now over millions of people through his seminars, interviews, books and so on. The cost of overdelivery was approximately $22 which was the cost of the CDs.

24. We need to ask ourselves the following questions :
# Which signal do we own ?
# What would we like to own ?
# Identify the top 3.
# Take it to the extreme.
# Secure ownership
# Establish a brand manual which is human and not legalistic
# Be patient
# Test for ownership

25. By the age of 65 a person in USA would have watched 2 mn. Commercials. This is equivalent to seeing TV commercials 8 hours each day for 7 days a week for 6 years.

26. TV commercials don’t work anymore. The recall level of ads has decreased from 34% in 1965 to 1.5 % today. The TV spends keep on growing. 20% would own a TiVo by 2007 in USA and 14% around the world. Murdoch will shortly be launching a set-top box which would be able to store all the movies ever produced in any language.

27. 83% of all information which people receive is visual. The visual is over-communicated. Branding is about all the 5 senses. Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.”

28. We recall best what we smell more than what we see. The sense of smell emotionally affects human beings upto 75% more than any other sense.

29. The gradation of sensory importance shows that after visual there is smell and then audio, taste and touch.

30. The sense of taste and smell are one where the laboratory is the mouth and the nose is the chimney.

To be Continued.....

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