Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Strategies for Success - Zig Ziglar 4 of 4

61.The mission of Zig Ziglar’s company is “To be the difference maker.”

62.When the going gets tough then those with a dream keep going.

63.Dreams grow if you grow.

64.Somebody has helped you get where you are today. Honour them in the Hall of Gratitude.

65.Would rather have a fulfilling relationship with one’s wife/husband rather than a position in the Company or bucks in the Bank.

66. People are always waiting for ‘time later’.

67. The only way a Company can grow is by creating more leaders.

68. Better to train employees and lose them than not to train them and have them remain.

69. Women are more relationship driven. Men are only driven.

70. Men and women have different intelligences.

71. What happens at work affects what happens at home and vice-versa. Harmony at home makes one freer in the marketplace.

72. The Leadership Principles to follow consist of the following steps : Instruct, Expect, Inspect, Set Standards, Criticize the performance, Praise the performer, Failure is an event, Respect, Self-worth.

73. Problems need patience which leads to persistence and persistence creates character which has hope and hope creates power.

74. When developing people, do it in the same way one mines for gold. Don’t go in looking for dirt but for gold. One will have to sift through a lot of dirt to find the gold.

75. One cannot perform in a consistent manner which is inconsistent with one’s self-image.

76. Motivation addresses the ‘Wanting to’. Training addresses the ‘Education or How to’.

77. Always pull for them. Whether at home or in business when we understand that we are on the same side then everyone is a winner.

78. To find out WIN (What’s Important Now) find out what’s your real interest now . After articulating one’s goal, one should be able to state clearly after 24 hours why it is significant and appropriate now. If one can’t then it becomes a non-priority.

79. What one can do for 6 weeks straight without any real effort is one’s strength.

80. Genius focuses on the ‘now’.

81. When you leave for the day don’t talk about ‘That Company’ but ‘Our Company’.


My Cash Guru said...

Hii Vishwalok,
Thanks for putting together the essence of great business and life wisdom in a concise and ready to use format..i found the posts really encouraging and very motivating and above all it hasn't cost me a dime to be frank.i would really appreciate if you can come-up with a series on other Guru's like Tony Robbins ...

Great job!!!!!

Vishu said...

Thanks Cash Guru for your comment. I have recently started series on Mr. Martin Lindstrom, The Brand Guru. Hope you would find that interesting too. You would see posts on Dr. John Gray, Investment Guru, Mr. Robin Sharma etc. in future. I would try to cover all the major management gurus, whose seminar I would personally attend.


Phil Hoover said...

The info in the branding post is fascinating, especially the part about smells.
Makes me wonder how I smell :)
Great job!
Phil Hoover

Vishu said...

Thanks Phil, positive comments from people like you encourages me to keep posting good stuff. Thanks again & keep visiting the space.