Thursday, October 05, 2006

Strategies For Success - Zig Ziglar 2 of 4

21. A positive mental attitude will help do everything better than having a negative mental attitude.

22. If one becomes irreplaceable one becomes unpromotable.

23. One gets exhausted when one tries to fool oneself, one’s boss or one’s subordinate.

24. Do one’s best today to prepare for tomorrow.

25. Standing in the middle of opportunity, we lock ourselves up by what we can’t have when most of what we can have is within our grasp.

26. If planning one day in your life can make a difference then think what a difference planning one’s whole life will make.

27. Can one see what one wants ?

28. Truth can be denied but never avoided.

29. When hope is gone then growth is gone.

30. Identify one’s weaknesses and devote one’s whole life to converting them into strengths.

31. To change one’s attitude one needs to change one’s mental diet. Through tapes, books and seminars. Become a good-finder. Stop looking for others’ faults. Change one’s self-talk from negative to positive.

32. You don’t build businesses. You build people.

33. You can buy a man’s time but not his enthusiasm or loyalty. You must earn these.

34. People stay where they are respected and where they feel they are growing.

35. The food one grows in the valley will be the food one eats at the top of the mountain one has climbed.

36. One can turn things around because one has turned one’s thinking around. Like the word ‘Stressed’ is ‘Desserts’ when spelt in the opposite direction.

37. Similarly a ‘Loser’ can be seen as Loving Others Sincerely, Enthusiastically, Responsibly.

38. Fear and Faith have the same focus - Something happening in the future.

39. Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. One needs hope and a game plan.

40. We confuse activity with accomplishment.

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