Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Strategies For Success - Zig Ziglar 3 of 4

41. The more you know about anything the more valuable will be the new information.

42. Confidence comes from Competence.

43. There is a light switch in each of us. We need to flip it.

44. We confuse perception with reality. We need to respond to what we believe is possible.

45. Success is always to be seen from where you began and with what.

46. Life is like a wheel having many spokes viz. personal, family, business/career, physical, spiritual, mental, financial. A smaller wheel has to travel more. Aspire to have a larger wheel.

47. Difference between the comfort zone and the realizable is growth.

48. Who I am is different from what I do.

49. Marriage is grand. Divorce is 1000 grand.

50. Never change the destination. One may change direction.

51. You’ve got to Be before you can Do and Do before you can Have.

52. When setting goals ask the following questions viz. Is it really my goal ? Is it morally right and fair to everyone involved ? Will it take me closer to my long range objectives ? Can I commit myself to start and reach these goals ? Can I see myself reaching these goals ?

53. The day you practise for what you are not paid for is the beginning of a journey to where you are paid for what you have practised.

54. If one does everything with integrity then one always does the right thing and does not suffer from guilt or fear.

55. Everything is not relative. One can’t have a Chartered Accountant who says he was relatively honest while preparing the accounts.

56. Common sense is not common practice.

57. We surround ourselves with time - saving devices and yet very often nearly miss our flights.

58. If one makes oneself a slave to discipline then the world will become one’s oyster.

59. Priorities come before goals.

60. One can do a lot about one’s ‘personal’ economy even though one can’t do very much about the national economy.

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