Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Investment Strategies in Global Market - Jim Rogers - 4 of 4

61. Chinese buy companies abroad and then shift the factories to China.

62. The situation in the Middle East is getting worse and therefore one is doubtful about Dubai.

63. Buy cheap where one sees a change coming.

64. Synthetics are made of crude oil. And synthetics are becoming expensive. People will start going back to natural fibres which is cotton. So cotton’s demand will increase but the supply will not be there. And therefore cotton will be a commodity to invest in.

65. In Russia there are 124 ethnic groups not wanting to be part of Russia. In China 94% of the population belongs to one ethnic group. China may have setbacks but not like Russia.

66. The World had opened up but it is now changing again. There is a closing off. U.S. told China not to buy a company. An Indian is told by France not to buy a company. Many want FDI. The Chinese welcome it. India has some of it. South America is also getting it. But now there’s a closing off.

67. Coffee is 75% below its all time high. A coffee tree takes 5 years to mature. Coffee is the business to be in.

68. Expert analysis has proven that one can make 300% more by investing in commodities themselves than in stocks ie. Companies dealing in commodities.

69. If infrastructure in terms of roads is going to be big in India then cement will be big in India. Lorry drivers driving across China average 70 km per hour. While lorry drivers driving from Mumbai to Kolkata average around 20 kms per hour.

70. South Korea is a protective economy. Since 1998 it is the best performing index in the world. It is getting too high. Need to be careful.

71. Uranium will be big since Nuclear Power Plants will start being developed.

72. Art as an asset class grows since as a country develops people of that country want to purchase art of that country.

73. Indian companies are protected and therefore have not developed competitiveness. In the world one will see Chinese and Japanese goods but rarely Indian goods.

Pls Note : Above mentioned suggestions are totally the views of the respective Guru / Author and it does not guarantee any success / failure. Please invest by thinking through all the options available in the market and the decision should be purely yours. The Guru / Author does not expect / want / require any share of your Success / Failure.