Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Success Principles - Jack Canfield- 3 of 6

21. High Achievers have unusual clarity on Purpose and Mission, Vision, and Goals and Objectives. If you don’t have goals then you end up working for someone who has.

22. Jack Canfield’s company’s purpose is “To inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy.”

23. Each one has an innate purpose. Goals need to be aligned with one’s purpose. If they are not aligned then even though one may meet one’s goals one doesn’t experience any satisfaction. One remains unhappy.

24. To discover one’s purpose, the first step is to think of the times when you feel that you are truly yourself. You feel completely at home with yourself . There is no effort required. What are the 2 qualities that come to your mind. The second step is to think of 2 ways through which you could as well as you would want to express these qualities. The third step is to think what according to you would the world be like if it has to work perfectly. What would it look like? Now take these 3 elements and string them together in the form of a statement which would express one’s purpose.

25. Jack Canfield’s Company’s Mission is “To positively impact one billion lives through inspirational print, radio, TV, products, speeches, training and charity.”

26. Make an irritation list. Can do this every 3 months. This list contains all the various irritations like one’s table not being cleaned or one’s clothes being in a mess or any of a hundred other irritations one may have. Some irritations may take a day or two to clear up while others may take months. But this gives one a focus to clear up one’s cluttered space so that one feels free to do the many other things which one wants to do.

27. One can have whatever one wants out of life. But here one needs to make a distinction between addiction and preference. One needs to avoid addiction but make a choice based on preference.

28. Perception and Awareness are the most important tools for Success.

29. Make an ‘I Want’ List. Anything one wanted to do or achieve but haven’t done. There is no restriction on the number of goals. We keep putting off wanting to complete what we want to do and therefore have so many regrets. Therefore take up 3 goals a year.

30. Give your child memories. Maybe the craziest things one does on a holiday becomes a lasting memory.

(Part 3 of 6) To Be Continued.........

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