Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Success Principles - Jack Canfield- 4 of 6

31. We all have an inner GPS. Now a GPS system in a car keeps delivering instructions in small chunks not all at one go because one can digest and follow only that much at a time. Our brains have been designed to deliver the solution. But we must be committed to do what we want to do. The “how” will gradually show itself up. If we believe in the possibility that we can, then the ‘how’ will show up. But it will reveal itself gradually not all at once.

32. A Vision is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) – Jim Collins. Jack Canfield’s company’s 2020 vision is “One Billion Books sold. $500 mn raised for charity.”

33. Set a goal that is big enough so that in the process of achieving it one will become someone worth becoming. As a result of pursuing the goal one may learn many things one didn’t know. One becomes a master of life. This mastery can’t be taken away. Who one becomes as a result of achieving or pursuing the goal is more important than the goal. One needs to set goals which stretch oneself.

34. Create a breakthrough goal. A goal which will break you to a new level.

35. It doesn’t take any more effort to dream a big dream than to dream a small dream. Small dreams attract small people, and big dreams attract big people.

36. Many people will tell you that your dream is impossible to achieve. Like Fred Smith was told about his proposal to deliver packages overnight anywhere. He went on to create Fedex. It is better to be a ‘dream maker’ than a ‘dream spoiler’.

37. Use the ‘Rule of 5’ for one’s breakthrough goals. This means choosing 5 specific things to do every day which will help one in realizing the breakthrough goals.

38. For drawing up one’s Vision divide one’s life into the following 7 areas viz. Financial, Business/Career, Fun Time, Health/Fitness, Relationships, Personal (Doing something just because one wants to do it), Contribution (What kind of contribution or legacy one would like to make or leave behind?)

39. For each of these areas write down one’s goals to be achieved at the end of 2 years. Then one gets down to writing down one’s one-year master plan.

40. Usually we come up with the objection of not knowing how to do whatever needs to be done. The answer to this is to see if there is anybody else who has done it. Ask them how they did it. Jack Canfield volunteered to become a chauffer for a successful Trainer for 4 hours in return for which the Trainer would answer any questions Jack would ask him regarding how he got to where he was. Many people don’t like to ask. Success leaves clues.

(Part 4 of 6) To Be Continued.........

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