Friday, September 15, 2006

The Success Principles - Jack Canfield 6 of 6

56. Like an iceberg the conscious mind is just 1/6th and is seen above the water. While the unconscious mind is 5/6th and is not seen and needs to be reprogrammed.

57. Act as if. Rehearse in your mind as if it was a reality. By doing this one attracts whatever is needed into one’s life to help in the achievement of what one is acting out.

58. The one thing that separates winners from losers is ‘Action’. Winners always take action. One is willing to do whatever it takes.

59. What stops us from taking action ? Fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear is a cautionary sign not a ‘don’t do it’ sign. Fear stands for Fantasize the Experiences that Appear Real. The Body can’t tell the difference between the real and the imaginary. There are two ways of dealing with the imaginary. Either one stops imagining and comes back to the present moment or One focuses on imagining the positive.

60. Ask, Ask, Ask. Continually even to the same person. Get interaction. Create relationship. Chad Pregracke a 19 year old student just went ahead and asked for money from Corporations to clean up the Mississippi. The Corporations were impressed by the boy’s sincerity and gave him the money.

61. Reject rejection. Rejection is a myth in one’s mind. When you asked and got rejected you are no worse than when you were before you asked because you didn’t have it in the first place before you asked. So go ahead and ‘ask’. What’s there in feeling foolish. SWSWSWSW (some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting). It’s a numbers game. Go on asking. The average sale is made after 6 calls. Therefore keep going back. When people say ‘No’ say ‘Next’. Ask the person concerned ‘What would have to happen if I wanted…..’

62. Exceed expectations. Consistently exceed expectations. The principle followed by Walt Disney was that one needs to do whatever one is doing so well that people will bring others back to see it.

63. Transform yourself for success. To do this one needs to …

64. Complete the Past to embrace the future. To complete the past one needs to
a.Acknowledge your successes.
b.Acknowledge others’ successes. To acknowledge others’ successes one needs to
resort to ‘auditory’ viz. telling them about your appreciation, or showing them your
appreciation, or touching them in the form of embracing them.
c.Learn from your failures.
d.Let go of your resentments.
e.Total Truth Process. Forgive others.
f. Practice meditation.
g.Practise releasing techniques.
h.Clean up physical messes and other incomplete areas.

65. Practise uncommon appreciation. Everyone has a sign ‘Appreciate me’. Everybody wants to be noticed, listened to or touched. In a survey done among Supervisors and Employees on 10 ways to motivate an employee the results showed that as far as the supervisors’ responses were concerned ‘Appreciation’ was at the very bottom of the list. Whereas for the employees ‘appreciation’ was at the very top.

66. Ask for something small first. Appreciate it. Then ask for something big. One will hardly be refused.

67. Practise strength bombardment. Get three to four people to bombard you with the good they see in you.

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