Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Success Principles - Jack Canfield -2 of 6

11.Jack Canfield gave a demonstration of Kinesiology (understanding of muscles). He got a gentleman volunteer to step up. He then asked the volunteer to raise his left arm. He asked the volunteer to state his name in the form of “My name is…” and simultaneously to resist Jack’s pressure to push his left arm down. Jack Canfield found it very difficult to push the volunteer’s arm down. He next asked the volunteer to think up a name other than his own and again state this name in the same manner as in “My name is…” and simultaneously again resist Jack’s pressure to push his left arm down. Jack Canfield this time found it much easier to push the volunteer’s arm down. When one lies the muscles loosen up.

12. Similarly when one says “I can’t” it weakens one. Whereas when one says “I can” it strengthens the body, makes one feel more in-charge, alert and creative.

13. We hypnotize ourselves with “I can’t”. We need to realize that we are capable of doing almost anything. If we want to be successful then we need to eliminate ‘I can’t’ and ‘I have to’. Nobody can make anyone do anything. There are choices which one has to make. Given all the options one is constantly making choices.

14. We affect one another with our energy fields. The mind extends beyond the physical brain. Every thought is like an email being sent out to the world.

15. Colours too play a role. The colour orange is a colour which nobody wants to hang around. Whereas blue and green are soothing colours.

16. Successful students take copious notes and review them that very night. Read fewer books and review what you have read.

17. Successful students also get 8 hours sleep. This is the time when the short-term memory gets locked into the long term memory.

18. Got to pay yourself first. 10%-20% of everything one earns should be invested wisely so that one’s personal equity continuously increases. What is the use of earning $25000 per month and at the end of one’s career one has just $25000 left.

19. If you are an average person with a negative attitude then you are half-way to the bottom. Whereas if you are an average person with a positive attitude then you are half way to the top.

20. Another Principle of Success is to decide what you want. Don’t base this on what is possible but on what one really wants. Most often people have resigned themselves to their place in life.

(Part 2 of 6) To Be Continued.........

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