Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Leadership - Robin Sharma - 2 of 3

21. The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live - Norman Cousins.

22. Adults are children in grown up bodies. Leaders need to learn from little children. Children are passionate. If leaders are passionate then this feeling cascades through the entire organization. Children are fearless. The limits which leaders put on themselves are not the limits of the world. Children are curious. Children ask. Leaders must realize that success is a numbers game. One needs to continuously ‘ask’. “SW x 3” means “Some will, Some won’t, So What”. One needs to fail one’s way to success. The only real failure is the failure to try. And if one thinks about it there is no ‘trying’. Either one does it or does not do it.

23. Failure is the price of ambition. Through failure one gets to greatness. Most great businesses have failed more than the average ones. Failure is the highway to success.

24. If you are not failing at least once a week then possibly you are not reaching higher.

25. There are other things which leaders can learn from children. Children are open. They can connect. They find it easy to create relationships.

26. How do you self-remember ? All of us were children. We need to capture the qualities of the child we once were. What would the child you once were think of the adult you’ve become?

27. No matter how long you live it won’t be for very long.

28. Leadership is not a popularity game. It’s not about doing what’s easy. It’s about doing what’s right. We are too bothered about being judged. Or about what people are thinking. We are too afraid of conflicts.

29. Everyone is a leader. Everyone can show leadership behaviour and thinking no matter what one is doing in the organization. Even if one has a world-class strategy one needs people to implement it. Leadership is all about creating a culture of leadership.

30. Do good by your people and they will do good by your customers.

31. Business is relationships.

32. Show personal leadership. Organizational leadership needs personal leadership. Before one attempts to make others feel good one must feel good oneself. One needs to work on one’s insecurities.

33. Leadership is about success and significance. Leadership is about big ideas. Taking social responsibility. About leaving a legacy. About doing good by your people.

34. One needs to not only do one’s part but also make a difference. It’s about absolute, personal responsibility. Every time one blames one’s boss one is giving up one’s power.

35. Language shapes meaning. One can tell whether an organization’s culture is a victim culture or a leadership culture by examining the language used.

36. Problems reveal genius. They offer opportunities to evolve. Only those who are dead have no problems. Don’t play victim.

37. Practise small daily acts of greatness. Everyone wants to feel great and appreciated. Listen with empathy.

38. Leadership is flawless execution around the fundamentals. Leaders are consistent.

39. There are 4 reasons why people don’t change :

  • They are afraid of failing.
  • They experience fears. Fear of being laughed at, fear of losing etc.
  • They do not have faith. Don’t believe it will work. People who are cynical are those who have been hurt. They don’t want to get up.
  • They don’t think it is fun.

40. Transformation happens one step at a time. The 1% wins. The Power of a Start.

41. The Law of Diminishing Intent states that the more time elapses between commitment and action the less becomes the probability of doing something. Leaders act.

42. One needs to do something to move it forward today. Only 1%. One little change leads to a chain reaction. The Power of a Start.

43. The first step in Transformation is Awareness. Better awareness leads to better choices and better choices leads to better results.

44. Price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret.

45. The swan effect is when we see and admire the swans beautifully moving in the water. So smooth and graceful. What we do not see is their effort of paddling under the water.

46. What difference did you make ?

47. A mistake is a mistake only if it is made twice. One is expected to make mistakes as part of one’s learning. But one must learn from one’s mistakes. If one does not learn from one’s mistakes the first time then it really is a mistake if committed the second time around.

48. Leadership is about awareness.


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